The Dave Clark Five

The Dave Clark Five was one of the most successful 1960s British Invasion Bands. They ran neck-and-neck with the Beatles. In the three short years, they had eight top ten records between 1964 and 1967, 15 albums in the United States, and more appearances on the Ed Sullivan show than any other band.

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$450 $25 $20 $20
$20 $25 $20 $20
$20 $40 $30 $50
$45 $100 $65 $30

The Rare Dave Clark Five Stereo Jukebox EPs

Greatest HitsEpic 26185-$200
More Greatest HitsEpic 26221-$150

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Teddy and the Pandas, a local Beverly band toured with the Dave Clark Five

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Dave Clark Five Jukebox-Now you can listen to their hits on Line

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I've had the pleasure to work with and to contribute to Tim Neely's 3'rd Edition 45 and Picture Sleeve catalog. There are over 40 scans of mine in his new price guide. Please check it out, it is well worth the investment!

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